World Campus International, Inc. believes that collaboration and partnership with educational institutions, organizations and with individuals who share similar values and goals is a fundamental business practice that is critical to accomplish our company mission and purpose. We appreciate the support and team work with the following international partners and strongly encourage you to learn more about each of them.

AsiaLearn Westminster, Colorado, USA
Asia Learn

AsiaLearn provides college/university students with study abroad opportunities in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. Students may participate in a semester, year or summer abroad program.

AsiaLearn is an educational program of GlobaLinks and a sister program of AustraLearn, a leader in the field of international education with a 19 year history sending over 20,000 students abroad to partner universities in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Our strength is derived from quality student support services and close relationships formed with both our partner universities abroad and the home institutions of our participating students.      Feel free to contact an AsiaLearn Regional Director

Reach out to Asia part of the Qatar Foundation - Doha, Qatar
Reach out to Asia

This NGO operates within the framework of the Qatar Foundation whose mission is to develop the potential of the Qatari people as its greatest resource through a network of centers devoted to progressive education, research and community welfare.

Reach Out To Asia extends that mission into Asia and believes that every man, woman or child across the Asian continent, regardless of age, gender or circumstance, should have access to quality education. To reach this goal, they are committed to principles laid out by the Education for All (EFA) initiative created at the World Education Forum attended by representatives of 164 countries in Dakar, Senegal in April 2000:

  1. To expand early childhood care and education
  2. To ensure free primary education by 2015
  3. To promote learning and life skills for young people and adults
  4. To improve adult literacy by 50% by 2015
  5. To eliminate gender disparities by 2015
  6. To enhance education quality

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology International Studies Programs Melbourne, Australia
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technologie International Studies Programs Melbourn

RMIT University has a reputation for excellence in work-relevant education that responds to the needs of industry and community, locally and internationally. The Global Studies Cluster at RMIT brings together outstanding and distinctive programs that focus on the transnational forces and localised effects of globalisation.

The International Studies programs is designed to prepare graduates for careers in this complex and rapidly changing world. The programs have been specifically designed to provide frameworks for thinking critically about globalisation and opportunities for students to examine these frameworks in real world settings.

The program pursues a student-centred and experiential learning methodology. Engagement with such programs like World Campus International is just one such opportunity available for our students to apply their knowledge of the world and acquire essential socio-cultural and community skills, including preferably bilingual skills, to work effectively as an international professional.;ID=2j57vhgznxzh

University of Ghent, Institute of Japanese Language and Culture
University of Ghent

The Institute for Japanese studies at the University of Ghent offers students the unique opportunity to study Japan in the broader context of Asia. The main focus of the studies is to understand and critically discuss modern Japanese society from its historical and geographical background. Students will thus follow courses in Modern and Classical Japanese as well as Classical Chinese and get insight into history, literature, society and philosophy of Japan as well as China. A two year minor in economics enables the students to effectively apply their specific regional knowledge in our globalized business world.

Working together with Japanese universities, European institutions as well as World Campus International is part of the institutes strategy to better the students understanding of different cultures and to develop their communicational skills.

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