Support World Campus International, Inc.

Support World Campus International, Inc.

Our primary objective at World Campus International, Inc. is to provide high quality, cost effective programs that make it possible for anyone to participate who is sincerely motivated and passionate about developing Global Citizenship skills.

When you look at many of the challenges in our world today, it's easy to see how interconnected local, regional and global issues really are. We believe that one of the keys to successfully addressing these challenges is to create opportunities for people of national, political, ethnic and social diversity to come together to learn and collaborate on meaningful projects in unique settings. Through opportunities like World Campus- Japan program, gaps can be bridged, ultimately maximizing our success as human beings both personally and professionally.

If you know someone who you believe would not only personally benefit, but also contribute to the experience of fellow participants and host community members during a World Campus — Japan program, please encourage them and support their efforts to participate. This powerful experience changes lives!

Also, if you are interested in making a donation to support World Campus International, Inc. and its mission, all contributions will be used toward participant scholarships as well as program and community partner development.

World Campus International, Inc. is a non-profit organization in both Japan and the United States. With a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in the United States, donations and contributions are tax deductible.