Letter from our CEO, Hiro Nishimura

Hiro Nishimura

What does it mean to have Unique Access to Japan?

A great chance to see Japanese cultural sites, eat delicious and exotic local foods and learn about Japanese traditions. A way to experience modern Japan through interactions with local politicians, business people and teachers. An opportunity to share your culture and volunteer your talents in structured activities with ordinary Japanese citizens, school children, disabled people and the elderly.

Why travel with World Campus International?

World Campus International is a once in a lifetime opportunity; a chance to go beyond the typical tourist view of fascinating Japan, where ultra modern and deeply traditional values exist hand in hand. To develop this in-depth Japanese and international experience, we've drawn on more than 10 years of partnerships with the communities you will live in. And perhaps more importantly, we've personally witnessed the remarkable impact that can be made when open-minded, international participants and local community members come together with a mutual intent to learn, get involved and inspire!

World Campus Japan will provide you with a unique educational program with participants from around the globe. While doing so, you have a chance to gain international experience as well as increase your personal and professional networks all in the authentic backdrop of Japanese culture, politics and business. In addition, you will also contribute to the learning environment by talking about various aspects of your culture and country as well as have a chance to share your traditional food recipes, music and culture. Take a look at the World Campus International blog (www.worldcampusblog.org) page to see what past classes have done!

Your willingness to immerse yourself in the Japanese culture and your enthusiasm to share your own culture with locals as well as other international participants is a key to a fulfilling and successful experience. And you'll quickly discover yourself using your new, global perspective as you develop more personal and professional relationships after the program and for the rest of your life.

I encourage you to consider the World Campus Japan program, and I look forward to meeting you in Japan! It'll change your life!

Naseba Naru! - "Where there is a will, there is a way!”

Hiro Nishimura
Chairman & CEO
World Campus International, Inc.