Tama City, Tokyo

This western suburb of Tokyo city provides great access to one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world with over 35 million people in the greater Tokyo region! Tama city is the home of Tama Hills, a recreation facility for the service members and families of the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force as well as the US Air Force.

Tama city is also well known in the region as the home of "Hello Kitty Land", an indoor theme park based on the Japanese pop cultural icon which attracts over 1.5 million visitors per year from both Japan and from around the world.

Tokyo city (meaning Eastern Capital), formerly known as "Edo" (meaning Gate of the River) became the capital of Japan in 1868 having moved from Kyoto when the authority of the emperor was restored. Today it is the seat of the Japanese government and the home of the Imperial Palace and family. Tokyo has the largest city GDP in the world and while always in the top 5, was listed as the worlds most expensive city between 1992 through 2005. Tokyo is a global city that offers every kind of experience and impressively has an incredibly low crime rate for its size.

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