Uda City, Nara

Although for only a short period of 75 years, Nara City was once the ancient capital of Japan starting in the year 710. During that brief time, there was a significant absorption of Chinese culture which essentially laid down the foundation of Japanese culture and civilization. With that history comes a rich number of national and international treasures in Nara and the surrounding region including eight places, mostly Shinto Shrines and Buddhist temples, designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

During a political change with the end of the Nara era and the move of the Japanese capital to modern day Kyoto, an Esoteric sect of Buddhism began to establish themselves in the mountainous areas around Nara. About 25 km southeast from Nara City in what is the Muro district of Uda City is one such treasured mountain temple called Muroji. Adapting to the natural surroundings, the stunning 5 storied pagoda there is a little over 16 meters high (around 52 feet) and is valued as being one of the smallest of its kind in Japan.

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